About Us


Whuups is social networking, communication, and events platform focused on true social interactions. Our Web, iOS & Android app offers TALK (social content posting feature), Chat (Encrypted Instant Messaging), Calls (Video & Audio Calls), and Events (creation and search). These are just a few among many revolutionary features such as the posts and chat translation.

Whuups - social network app icon
The icon and slogan of Whuups

Whuups Goal

Our goal is to enable individuals and communities to communicate and connect freely, safely, and privately. So, Whuups is easy-to-use social platform where you can discuss anything from entertainment and education to freedom of speech and politics.

Whuups Mission

To bridge the social communication gap among countries and communities by offering simple, yet innovative, social networking features, and software tools for private communication.

Whuups True Dedication To Privacy

One of the most significant reasons for the creation of Whuups was personal data privacy. Not only we will never share your data and behavior with advertisers, but all your messages, photos, videos, documents, and calls are secured. Therefore, only you and the person you’re communicating with can read or listen to them, nobody in between. Not even us! Privacy and security are literally in our DNA.

We Are Here For All Whuupsers

Unlike the most popular social media sites, Whuups is community focused. Meaning we exist and serve YOU, all Whuupsers around the globe, with unique software solutions. Social features that you’re satisfied with and use every day. That is why we’re constantly working on our services to make them better every day. All while carefully listen to what our users have to say.