WHUUPS - Whuups True Social Interaction

Supporting social interactions like rarely other social apps before, Whuups is a subscription-free social app that connects people around the globe. In a free and unlimited way without language barriers.

Share or discover trending social content, connect with new people from around the globe, and chat in your native language with the in-built chat translator. 

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Benefit from a set of settings
to customize your discussions according to your desires!

Thanks to a wide range of tools, you can customize your Chat app with every interaction. Whether through chat, video call, voice call, event or file sharing, your Whuups account will be unique to infinite options. We constantly review our products to see how we can make every part of our service more user-friendly.

Instant messaging

Whether face-to-face or in a group, stay in touch with your Clan by sending them messages, photos and videos adapted to your desires.

Voice and video calls

Chat for free, wherever you are, from your phone, tablet or desktop.


Are you looking for an optimal video conferencing solution? Invite up to 12 people to a conference simultaneously for free.

Whuups Events

Your Chat app allows you to create, manage and share your online status or your real life events. In addition, you can find the best plans around you.

Text Translator

Want to chat with people who speak a foreign language? Enjoy instant translation from your Whuups app.

File sharing

Do you want to impress your interlocutor? Easily send and share your files in chats.


WHUUPS allows you to easily share your location with your friends in real time.


Our instant messaging app offers you the possibility to chat with those around you without wifi or mobile connection.


Connect your phone or tablet to CarPlay to use WHUUPS and receive messages with ease.


Calendar planner

Announce your event or meeting instantly on your phone for better organization without wasting your time.

Voice Message

Voice message

Send voice message thru chat feature

Video Chat


Share video thru Chat feature

The Talk

The Talk

Create your polls, surveys and discover the real impressions of your audience via comments including chat translation.

Wallpaper Whuups


Manage and personalize your Chat app. Use the images in the library, or download more from your phone and choose the color that suits your tastes.

Whuups Flow

Moments Flow

More than a Chat app, WHUUPS is a real lifestyle. Create your Feed and share your favorite moments. People can leave a comment or make a shaka without sharing your feed.

WHUUPS is more than a way to discuss!